Finding a solution.

Our latest case study about a complex product processed through our shop floor.

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We received a call from a new customer that was having quality and capacity issues with an in house crimping job they were doing. It sounded just what we like helping our customers with.

The crimps were a 1mm pitch crimp (Molex 78172-0410 and 202655-5000)  that was being applied to a 30awg wire from a leaded motor to go into a Molex housings 78172-0004 and 202654-2021.

The quantities were quite small so our first approach was tooling for our stripper crimpers, after talking with the manufacturer they weren’t confident that they could consistently crimp the wire without the odd recrimp, which as the wire was connected to a motor that was quite expensive any loss of length would have rendered the motor scrap!

We looked at the hand tooling that was available and ended up doing it by hand, stripping the wire on the stripping head on the stripper crimpers and then hand crimping with the use of a camera and screen to help with the placement of the wire.

A bespoke solution, all the way down the line.

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