Meet the new additions to the Electroparts team.


Electronic assembly trainee

Luke’s first few months as one of our technical trainees has been very interesting for him, with lots of things to learn. It has been very challenging being a completely new career path for him, but he feels that his hobby of painting small figures has helped with the intricacy of the job. The job role includes full assembly of our products including PCB assembly, Cable and wiring loom assembly, Chassis and Electromechanical assembly, high level, semi-skilled and skilled technical production assembly work.

He feels that everyone has helped him settle in and wants to keep getting better at his job, learning more about soldering and other aspects of the job. His previous job as a delivery driver was very different and he always had always had the Customer in mind, as he now has at Electroparts.


Receiving and picking operative

Chris joined Electroparts at the beginning of April as our receiving and picking operative. His various duties are vital to our manufacturing process. They include supervising the unloading of shipments, signing for all deliveries that are made and authorising returns to suppliers, booking them in and making sure they are in the correct place in our stores department to pick out and kit multiple batches to hand out on our shop floor to be assembled.

Chris has found his first month in our team really enjoyable even though it is different to anything he has done before. Chris was previously a salesman at Jaguar for 3 years prior to Electroparts but needed a change of path to work better around his family. Chris says it has been quite challenging to learn new terminology and processes of manufacturing but thoroughly enjoyed learning all of these things and meeting lots of new people!



Emma joined Electroparts in February as our housekeeper. Her duties include audits, electrical test control as required depending on load and the upkeep of cleanliness throughout our facility to keep our 5S policies to the highest of standards.

Emma has found her first couple of months refreshing to be in work after looking after her children and being a stay at home mum for a long time. Emma hasn’t worked before as she has three children aged 15, 8 and 5 but joining the Electroparts team in February has given her a lot of confidence in a workplace.

Emma says the role is exactly as described and what she expected it to be. She has really enjoyed getting to know everyone that works here and have been so welcoming!


Maintenance and Operations support technician

Aiden joined Electroparts as our Maintenance and Operations support technician at the start of April 2022. His rob role includes Processing tool and equipment problem solving, including communication with equipment manufacturer support desks. Equipment, tooling, jig and fixture control, maintenance and servicing, including internal/external daily, weekly and annual service intervals and H&S checks.

Aiden has found his first month here at Electroparts positive and has liked to get ‘stuck in’! He has enjoyed getting to know everyone and has found there is always something to do.

Aiden was previously in the army for 6 years before joining Electroparts at the start of this month as an Electronics technician, highly skilled in working with and fixing machines with an electrical fault. Learning all different machines in a different setting has been a challenge for Aiden but enjoyed all aspects of his first month.


Production Supervisor

Richard has been with us for a month now and has settled quickly into his role, getting to know the systems and his team. As the production supervisor his main priorities are employee performance, scheduling, capacity planning, trouble shooting and control of production. He knew of Electroparts and Carol our owner through his work at Paxman Coolers and thought it would be a great place to work.

He has found his first month enjoyable and has been made to feel very welcome and supported well by the management team and all his colleagues.

He has overcome quite a few challenges and knows he has more to learn about the role and his people. He is ready and willing to learn and develop, push to increase productivity whilst supporting the team. His cough has become quite challenging too for him and he has had just about enough of it and sought the Doctors help, he even got seen by a real doctor!

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