PCB Machinery

Why Choose Our PCB Machinery?

Unparalleled Precision: Our machines are engineered for the highest accuracy, ensuring your PCBs meet the strictest quality standards.

Enhanced Efficiency: Speed up your production process without sacrificing quality. Our machinery is optimized for maximum productivity.

Innovative Capabilities: Whether you need simple or complex designs, our machinery can handle it all, opening up new possibilities for your projects.


Elevating our production with the APS Novastar Spartan 12S THP flow solder line, with Cosarnia Cropmatic auto component leg crop…

This machine demonstrates precise temperature control with programmable preheaters and solder pot to ensure optimal soldering conditions and prevent thermal damage to components and PCBs.

Designed to streamline your through-hole PCB assembly process, ensuring superior quality and efficiency. The Spartan 12S THP flow solder line is renowned for its precise and reliable soldering performance. It provides uniform solder joints, minimising the risk of defects and enhancing the overall durability of our PCBs.

Two exceptional additions to our inspection tools line-up; introducing our Vision Engineering Mantis and Cobra inspection scopes…

Both the Mantis and Cobra scopes are engineered with cutting-edge optics, delivering crystal-clear, high-resolution images. This allows for detailed examination of your PCBs, components, and assemblies, ensuring top-notch quality control.

We are committed to providing you with the best tools to enhance our manufacturing and inspection processes. The Vision Engineering Mantis and Cobra inspection scopes are perfect examples of our dedication to quality and innovation.

Here’s another cutting edge piece of equipment we have in our PCB area; the DCB Automation EasyVision AOI Inspection system…

This advanced Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) system is designed to enhance our quality control process with unparalleled precision and efficiency. The EasyVision AOI system is equipped with high-resolution cameras that capture detailed images of your PCBs.

This allows for the detection of even the smallest defects, ensuring that every product meets the highest quality standards. Utilising sophisticated algorithms, the EasyVision system can identify a wide range of defects, including soldering issues, component misalignments, and surface imperfections.

This ensures comprehensive inspection coverage and reliable defect detection.

Introducing the ERSA BGA Placement and Re-work Station: Precision and Efficiency Redefined!

This state-of-the-art equipment is designed to deliver exceptional precision and reliability in BGA (Ball Grid Array) placement and re-work.

The ERSA BGA station is engineered for accurate and repeatable placement of BGA components.

Its advanced vision alignment system ensures precise positioning, reducing the risk of placement errors and enhancing the overall quality of our assemblies.

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