Lean Manufacturing & Personal Development Events.

‘There are no limits to our future, if we don’t put limits on our people’

Sharon Greenwood our General Manager said ‘Investing in our people and processes is essential so we have the best, motivated people to meet and exceed our customer expectations. We offer personal development to all our employees, which will help towards our future goals’

The last few weeks of January we continued to invest in our people and future improvements with sessions on personal development and some process mapping.

Electroparts is a technical sub-contractor for small and medium batch electronics providing electronic manufacturing services in Yorkshire.

Personal Development

Process Mapping Event

Philippa Coultish came to deliver one of her workshops to 2 of our newest Trainee Technicians to help them ‘Be the best they can be’ and ‘Get to know themselves better’.  She then held a follow on 1-2-1 session with our Engineering Apprentice to continue his personal and work ethic growth.

Sebastian our Trainee Technician said ‘This is my first job, straight from college. Philippa’s workshop has given me some insight into workplace ethics and some confidence to communicate better with my colleagues.

@philippa coultish helping us look at things in ‘’A Different Perspective’’

David Harling visited us as part of the Manufacturing Champions support programme. He encouraged a multi-functional team to identify critical elements in our processes to enable us to locate potential areas for improvement.

It was a first ever process mapping/brown paper event for some of the attendees.

David hosted and guided us through the flow, leaving us with some positive outcomes and projects.

All the highlighted projects will be beneficial to our people and customers.