Sharon’s First Year at Electroparts

Our General Manager

Well what can I say! My first year has flown by here at Electroparts. Spending time getting to know our people, customers, procedures, products, implementing new marketing tools, brochures, value stream mapping, recruitment and always trying to find time to do some strategic planning. Wearing many different hats is what we have to do in an SME and I continue to work hard with Carol (our MD) to grow in my role as the General Manager.

I have over 30 years’ experience in Sales Management in the Aerospace fastener industry and a couple of years of experience in the Engineering sector offering water jet cutting services & manufacturing of sealing solutions.  And now a year General Manager experience in this Electronic Manufacturing company who are a leading technical sub-contractor for small and medium batch electronics; including PCB assembly solutions, cable & wiring assemblies, full turnkey and box build assemblies.

Using my Sales and Marketing knowledge, along with our Sales Manager Dom and Marketing Assistant Ellie; we created a new brochure, updated our LinkedIn business account, started Tik-Toking, created Mailchimp campaigns and generally looked to increase new and old customer engagement. Next is the updating of our website!

Getting out and about flying the new banner for Electroparts has been great. From being involved with the CKMA MIIM exhibition, which was to encourage young people unto manufacturing to working directly at the job centre to find new talent.

Parts and people….!!!!!

We continue to face on-going recruitment issues and threats to the supply chain, but we hope with bolstering up our management team, some careful planning, along with a dedicated approach to employee satisfaction and engagement, we hope to build momentum in 2023 and beyond.   Chasing parts is a full time job and making sure we are constantly driving late parts in is a big focus. Spending time with other local business owners at networking events has helped me to understand that they are facing similar issues with recruitment and supply chain issues; we are not alone….

On a lighter note, my family and friends remain a key focus in my life and I love being around them and the dogs! I also enjoy cooking, walking, a good night out, a curry and something sparkly to drink.


My Personal Mission Statement:

To lead and be part of a local SME; continually growing and developing the people around me, remaining instrumental with positive change & motivation.Being worthy of the respect and admiration of family, friends, and business associates. Building a reputation of being dedicated to the goals I choose, while having successes in both my personal and professional life.To remember where I have been and where I will go through maintaining positive relationships at both work and home.

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