RoHS and Reach Declaration

Electroparts is a contract manufacturer of electronic and cable and wiring loom assemblies. We work to customer design using only customer specified parts and materials

Electroparts does not purchase, use or sell any substances, preparations or articles which exist under the scope of REACH regulations.


Businesses that manufacture or import (from outside GB) 1 tonne or more of any given substance each year are responsible for ‘registering’ that substance with ‘The Agency’ which is the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Registration involves submitting a dossier of information about the substance and its uses to the The Agency. Substances in articles may also require registration (if these substances are intended to be released during use). It’s possible that some manufacturers/importers of such articles will be registrants.

In addition Electroparts is fully RoHS compliant throughout the purchasing and production process. All purchasing is required to be verified RoHS 3 compliant, with checks at Goods Inward to confirm status on incoming materials.

In addition Electroparts has undertaken a Conflict Mineral review from all key suppliers including statements of compliant material origin.

Electroparts cannot vouch for the status of customer’s free issue material used in any assembly, and therefore any assemblies using these are excluded from this declaration.

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